What is the Tree Failure Project?

The tree failure project is a long-term initiative that endeavors to quantify tree failure potential based on existing inventory and storm recovery data. The qualitative risk assessment methods currently used provide a functional means characterizing risk. Unfortunately, they rely on subjective ratings that can be significantly influenced by the assessor's perceptions and acceptance of risk.


Insurance, finance, and other industries that deal with risk draw on large data sets to guide their decisions. Currently, this data does not exist for the tree care industry. We are working to change this by creating an online risk mapping tool that helps urban foresters manage risk in their cities and helps generate the data needed to make more accurate predictions of tree failure.

Tree Failure Map

Tree Failure Map is an online data management and visualization tool developed with funding from the United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service National Urban and Community Forestry Advisory Committee (NUCFAC). Tree Failure Map users can risk assess trees in their community, prescribe risk mitigation measures, and conduct follow-up inspections after a storm or subsequent maintenance events. The standardized risk assessment data collected through this web application can be used to visualize tree risk in your community and guide management efforts. Additionally, the data can be exported and run through the i-Tree Storm decision tool. In the long-term, the data collected in this tool will be used to develop and cross-validate regional and species-specific tree failure prediction models for a range or weather conditions.

Project Partners