User Manual

Tree Failure Map User Manual

PDF manual to get you started with a new project. Includes sections on getting started, adding trees, assessing risk, mitigation, and post-storm assessment. 

Video Tutorials

Getting Started

Tree Failure Map is a web-based application that is openly available for all to use. This video shows how to get started with your own Tree Failure Map account and project.

Adding Trees

Tree Failure Map provides a quick means of georeferencing and inventorying trees using aerial imagery. This video show how to add trees that will later be risk assessed.

Assessing Risk

Tree Failure Map is a tool for visualizing risk in your urban forest. This video shows how to add one or more risk assessments to an existing tree in your project.


Beyond risk assessment, Tree Failure Map allows users to manage the risk in their urban forest by prescribing mitigation measures. Once addressed, Tree Failure Map updates to show the residual risk.


When a storm hits and trees succumb to nature, Tree Failure Map helps document the damage and any required cleanup work. View this video to see how to complete a post-storm assessment of an inventoried tree.